Platinum Feeder

The patent‑protected technology of DIRECT HEATED PLATINUM SYSTEMS (DHPS®) for conditioning and feeding for high quality glass in terms of thermal and chemical homogeneity.

The precious metal will be supplied to the customer by the platinum manufacturer.

Each of these solutions has its own fields of application and obviously its own application limits. As is often the case, no system is ideal for all applications. The most suitable process must be selected for each individual application.

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How it works?

The DHPS®-Feeder
is connected to a foreheart

The molten glass will flow through the horizontal hole of the working end stone into the DHPS® feeder, where a dosing stirrer is located

Meanwhile the vertical movement of the stirrer is dosing the right amount of molten glass from the orifice

The rotation of the stirrer homogenizes the molten glass before leaving the feeder

For the purchase of precious metal,
we are able to assist our customers.


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