Ball Gatherer

The main application area for the ball gatherer is 3‑shift production.

It should be considered that the optimal loading of presses and centrifuges is when the maximum difference between the highest mold and the lowest mold does not exceed 200 mm.

Each of these solutions has its own fields of application and obviously its own application limits. As is often the case, no system is ideal for all applications. The most suitable process must be selected for each individual application.


The gatherer robot can be used in multiple applications, it is specifically designed to operate in glass gatherer and is installed on a special steel load-bearing structure.

More space

This ideal configuration allows for more space available on the ground for the forming machines which can be positioned closer to the furnace to the advantage of the quality of the glass and the speed of production, therefore, to feed:

— Automatic rotary presses

— Single section IS machines

— Automatic rotary spinning’s