Billet Casting Solutions

The machine is normally used together with a Platinum Tube Feeder to produce mouth blown glassware.

Precision and perfect synchronization

highest quality

With this process, the glass is taken from below the surface of the glass bath, and therefore, depending on the capability of the melting furnace, it is possible to obtain highest quality glass.


Various processes are employed these days to produce mouth blown glassware. The lowest quality is achieved with hand gathering. A much higher quality is obtained with the combination of a Platinum Feeder and Billet Casting Machine.

Operating Process


The glass flows from the melting furnace through a Platinum Tube Feeder, which may be supplied by one of our partners EGT.


The glass leaves the platinum feeder in a downwards direction and flows into a mold installing on the Billet Casting Machine.


As soon, as this mold is filled with a certain glass quantity, the glass stream is cut off between the platinum feeder and the mold, and the machine table is indexed one position further.


The glass blower can remove the gather. The height of the base of each mold can be varied.


When the glass first enters the mold, the mold bottom is in highest position, and is then lowered continuously as the glass flows into the mold.


The lowering speed is set, so that the mold is always filled up to the upper edge, so that folds, overlapping cannot occur. The speed of the mold bottom movement is electronically controlled.


The glass gob, which has an exact predetermined weight, can be removed from the mold by the glass blower using either a pre-heated punty or a special glass blowing iron.


The molds can be changed easily, by quick change bayonet clamps.