FAM Burners

FAM Burners

After development and tests in 2015, Famor Engineering start the glass BURNERS manufacturing division.

Nowadays FAM BURNERS offers large selection of Gas/Oxygen burners for the different use in glass productions.

FAM Burners

Glass Tools

Putsch&Meniconi - Utensili per produzioni manuali

Since 2020 FAMOR ENGINEERING produces and sells GLASS TOOLS for manual forming and handling, and machinery well-known PUTSCH & MENICONI.

FAMOR manufactures and sells the glass tools of the Putsch-Meniconi brand. The well-known tools and shear blades of Putsch-Meniconi are now part of FAM product range represented by Famor's sales team.

The portfolio will be included in the FAM accessories, burners and tools sales program. The warehouse of the parts and tools has been transferred to the Famor premises in Rivalta-Torino.

Putsch&Meniconi - Utensili per produzioni manuali

Shear Blades

Quality and efficiency for millions of glass cuts

FAMOR supplies shear blades for the glass industry. The Shear blades are offered under the Brand FAM Accessories. Standard models or customized are available for fast and slow gob feeders as well as for gathering robots.

The steel adopted is the result of several researches and tests, the hardness and surface porosity are balanced to offer a long life of the blades.

The precise manufacturing combined to the experience in sharpening, made the FAM shear blades reliable and successful product.

Sold in several countries and in production for different kind of glasses.

Gathering Robot Spheres

Gathering robot spheres are a traditional product inherited from Putsch-Meniconi.

Today the steel spheres are supplied under FAM Accessories Brand, with the same characteristics and quality as our customers are used to.

Steel spheres in the different sizes and different connectors.

Bruciatori Gas/Ossigeno Utensili per produzioni manuali Lame di taglio Sfere per Robot Levavetro
Bruciatori Gas/Ossigeno Lame di taglio Utensili per produzioni manuali Sfere per Robot Levavetro